Lot 19910 & 19913, Jalan Usaha 5, Fasa 2, Kawasan Perindustrian Merlimau, 77300 Merlimau, Melaka


Company Profile

Our Humble Beginnings

YF Packaging Sdn Bhd, with our rich history and relentless pursuit, has emerged as the leader in the Malaysian digital printing manufacturing industry for cartons. Our story began in 2002 when we established a 20,000-square-foot factory in Alor Gajah, Melaka, with just six employees and two second-hand machines, focusing on carton printing.

However, our ambitious vision and unwavering determination propel us forward. In 2009, driven by the commitment to better serve our customers, we relocated to the Merlimau Industrial Area in Melaka, significantly reducing procurement and delivery lead times while enhancing our production efficiency.

Over time, we have achieved significant milestones. In year 2019, we expanded our factory to a remarkable 120,000 square feet and acquired the first two high-speed single-pass corrugated digital printing machines in Southeast Asia, elevating our annual production capacity to 100,000 metric tons.

We faced not only the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic but also the global container shortage crisis, currency depreciation, and inflation. Despite countless difficulties and uncertainties, we stood firm, maintaining consistent annual production growth. This resilience is not just a testament to our strength but a reflection of our mission.

During the recovery period, we not only successfully navigated through the crisis but also expanded our factory to 287,000 square feet in year 2022. Confronting challenges head-on, we forge ahead because we understand that these challenges are crucial chapters shaping the history of our corporate.


Our Work Culture



Our Mission



Our Vision

To sustain our market positioning by providing high-quality products with the most advanced printing technology and eco-friendly materials, we aim to create value for customers, bring happiness to partners, and contribute wealth to society.


To be the market leader of digital printing in Malaysia corrugated carton manufacturing.

Our Milestones

Our Clients

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High Quality Packaging

Our state-of-the-art printing technology and durable materials ensure your packaging boxes are built to last.

Bigger Plant

We expanded our factory to a massive 287,000 sqft with two hi-speed Single Pass Corrugated Printing Machine

Innovative Software

Now you can customize and order ready-made boxes or create 3D real-time box designs and get instant quote

Fast Delivery

We provide low minimum order quantity with plenty of pre-set boxes for any occasions, faster shipping over Malaysia